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Monday, August 29, 2022

A Bit of Wicked Fun

Top has transparency option as shown below

Have Unequal - Fiza Outfit 

Consists of three parts, sold separately:

Top fits Lara, Legacy, EbodyReborn/Juicy
Thong fits EbodyReborn, Legacy, Lara
Leg Harness fits EbodyReborn/Maze, Lara/Maze, Legacy/Maze
Available separately in single colors or as a HUD drive fatpack, deluxe fatpack includes all colors and pieces HUD driven Available at the XXX Event August 13 - September 3


 2 new versions included Regular & Chubby. More skin details, skin blemishes, natural veins, pubic hair option. breast options include: cleavage (juicy boobs compatible), flat chest, and petite. Also includes nipple covers + multiple pubic hair tattoos. Note: Matching head skins on sale at main store. 12 skin tones available to choose from. These NEW HDL*Plus* body skins have LOTS more details.

ND/MD - IZI (Lelutka Avalon) shape

Includes shapes for Kupra/Kups, Legacy/Perky/Petite/Maitreya, and Reborn. Get 33% off as ND/MD-VIP member!!! Exclusive at the Reborn Event August 20 - September 5

ND/MD - IZI skins-BOM (Lelutka EvoX) 

12 skin tones to choose from, includes optional freckles/moles tattoo layers, nipple cover, ears tattoo, optional pubic hair, body skins, and eyebrow option. Features: Body skins INCLUDED  compatible with:
 Reborn, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, Erika, Slink, Belleza, Alice  + Petite + Flat chest Get 33% off as ND/MD-VIP member!!! Exclusive at the Reborn Event

The Bearded Guy - Hoe Resort Noir Backdrop 

 Available at Fameshed X August 10 - September 6


Sintiklia - Hair Kendra - Browns

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Things are Getting a Bit Interesting in the Secret Garden


 Gwen told me to "wait right here.." Heh

Dictatorshop - Secret Garden - Bondage Tree 

 This comes with with 86 custom exclusive long duration bento animations.
A texture change menu with 6 leaf choices, 2 barks, and 3 flowers/no flowers. Li 9, copy/mod and fully RLV enabled for  Solo Sub, MaleDom, & FemDom.

Have Unequal -  Fisher Body

For Maitreya and Legacy, available in an array of color choices or HUD driven fatpack. Includes hide/show options for upper and bottom plus 6 metals. Exclusive at XXX Event May 13 - June 3

[Stargazer Creations] Body Shine Materials - Web of Fire 

Includes Materials HUDs for Catwa Legacy, Omega, and Maitreya, Eraser, and body lights in three intensity options.

Ade - Liza Hairstyle

 Includes textureHUD with styler, and unrigged bow


Monday, May 9, 2022

Don't Get Cross with Me

The furniture shown is from Dictatorshop's Mode line.

The Mode Cross comes in one version- OMNI Ak Bondage with 92 animations! It also features a texture change menu with 8 Woods, and 6 Metals to match your decor.  This item is new and 25% off at We Love Role Play (find the Mode Naughty Chair also discounted!) through the 28th of May.

The Mode Console Cage comes in one version:  Adult Kink with over 30 animations. It also features a texture change menu with 8 Woods, and 6 Metals. There are no animations on top of the console so you are completely free to decorate on top as you like without worry.

The Mode Staggered Shelf gives you lots of choice in your decor with plenty of shelves to fill with your favorite things.  It features a texture change menu with 8 Mode woods and 5 metal trims.

The Mode Horse comes in one version: OMNI Ak Bondage with 140 animations. It also features a texture change menu with 8 Woods, 6 Metals, and 12 Fabrics.

I decided to dress the part to show off the cross which rezzes the cuffs and chains automatically via the animation menu. 

Witch)0(Craft - Cute Sub Harness

This consists of BOM layers in 8 colors. 

MINA - Natalia

Rigged and unrigged hair versions, rigged and unrigged mask, styleHUD for Mask, hair with and without mask option, hair textureHUD included. 

MOoH! Audrey pasties 

BOM 14 pasties colors, tintable, includes tattoo and underwear layers. Created for Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn. Other bodies, please try demo first. On sale for only 50L May 7-9!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Hanging Sakura


Something New -  Hanging Sakura
 Prop with pose, wearable ropes and blindfold. This is an exclusive at the Dubai Event April 20 - May 10

Sintiklia - Hair Zuri 
Includes optional unrigged bangs, unrigged and rigged hair, plus textureHUD. This can be found at the main store. 

Go Frock Yourself - Electric Bubblegum 
Nail Appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Omega

Witch)0(Craft - Zara Set 
Fits  Legacy, Maitreya, Hourglass, and Freya.  Tops & Panties sold separately in your choice of 6 colors

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Waiting Game

The Bearded Guy - Slutty Hall Backdrop 

Copy/mod backdrop build

Something Erotic -  A Little Bit of Heaven

 2 single poses and pose balls

Six Feet Under - Shiva Headpiece

This includes 3 versions to help with making it easier to fit to your own face/head. Also includes a multi level textureHUD. Available at Fetish Fair April 10-24

Witch)0(Craft - Beloved Harness

Fits Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass, Freya, Reborn, Kupra and Kahlene.  Available in your choice of 7 colors at Fetish Fair

Knife Party Dramatic Eye Makeup 

For LeL Evo X BOM includes 5 eye shadows

Knife Party  Pain // Chest Tattoo

BOM and is a Group Gift!

Foxy - Maddy Hair 

Includes 3 head sizes and textureHUD. Available at Kustom9 April 15 - May 10


BLASPHEMIC Skull Pasties Gift

 Includes Omega applier and clothing layer 

Gold Beauty - Shey Lip Gloss - Fatpack 

Includes appliers for Catwa Pro and Lel Evo X with 6 lipsticks 

 ND/MD FIN skins-BOM (Lelutka EvoX)
BOM (Lelutka EvoX) head skin tattoos and body skins, available in 10 skin tones. with/without brow options, tintable body/face freckles tattoos, moles tattoo layer, and matching ear tattoos. Optional chest options, nipple cover and pubic hair.